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We're a commercial-free, independent station playing hand-picked classic jazz.

  • DJ2tee presents the Jazz Mix
    28 Jul 2016 - 0 Comment
    Tony Todd AKA DJ2tee is DJ based in Leeds in the UK. Tony has been a DJ for many years, specialising in Jazz and world music. As well as his…
  • Strike up the Bands
    28 Feb 2016 - 0 Comment
    Between 7 and 8pm (GMT) on Friday evenings you can hear the best in big band swing on Giants of Jazz Radio.  One of the artist who will be making…
  • A Vinyl Junkie adds his mix
    12 Jan 2016 - 0 Comment
    You can hear the mixes of DJ Cloud Danko on this station. He is a Vinyl junkie and collector of vintage original presses of funk, jazz, soul and hip hop…

Giants of Jazz Radio 100

We've compiled our own Top 100 Jazz Albums - Here's a couple...

  • 45. Oscar Peterson Trio - Night Train (1962)
    He was known as the "Maharaja of the keyboard" and was highly regarded amongst his peers. This album was one of his most commercially successful recordings and described as "one…
  • 16. Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners (1956)
    The most important musicians are the ones who are successful in creating their own original world of music with its own rules, logic and surprises. Thelonious Monk is one of…

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Giants of Jazz Radio is an online jazz station started in 2012 broadcasting from the UK.  We focus on music spanning a classic period in the history of jazz and attract listeners from across the world. Please help us to get more listeners by spreading the word. Thank you.

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