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    Congratulations to Gaz Hughes for his new album which is out now based on his love of Art Blakey.  Giants of Jazz Radio interviewed Gaz recently about the album and…
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Giants of Jazz Radio 100

We've compiled our own Top 100 Jazz Albums - Here's a couple...

  • 94. Kenny Dorham – Un Mas (1963)
    Kenny Dorham never really got the recognition he deserved during his lifetime, and considering the line-up of musicians playing on this album, including Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, Butch Warren and…
  • 40. Count Basie Orchestra - Atomic Basie (1957)
    The release of this album in late 1957 marked the beginning of a glorious new phase in Count Basie's career. Signed to Roulette Records, the newly formed label owned by…

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Giants of Jazz Radio plays music spanning a classic period in Jazz history that should not be forgotten. Please help us to get more listeners by spreading the word. We do not take advertising so please help with a donation. Thank you.

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